Wedding band or wedding DJ?


The reception is a big part of any wedding. As opposed to the religious ceremony or the city hall where everyone needs to be quite and focused on the bride and groom, the reception is a lot more casual and comfortable. It is basically the actual celebration of the wedding, of the bride and groom and their love. It is the time when there are countless guests who arrive to congratulate the two newlyweds and to celebrate this joyous occasion with them.

Now, since the reception is such an important part of every wedding, the way in which people celebrate here is also important. Of course, the food and the drinks need to be spotless and everything needs to be set just right. However, there also is the issue of the music. Rare are the occasions in which everyone is happy with the genre of music played at a wedding or the way in which a certain song is being played.

Well, having to deal with naysayers is part of organizing a wedding. The great news is that you can avoid all this trouble if you get a DJ and not a band to play at your wedding. After all, the only advantage a band has, over a DJ, is the fact that it plays live music and that they can be slightly more entertaining than a DJ. However, there are also some things that you need to be aware of.

First of all, bands will always need breaks. No matter how professional or how experienced the band might be, they will still need to take a few breaks throughout the night. You should expect to be left with random music playing somewhere in the background or, even worse, with complete silence. More than that, a band will always have a limited repertoire. If someone wishes to dance on a particular song that the band can’t play, they will have to settle for something else. Of course, this could never happen with a DJ where every request is played, with no exception.

One other disadvantage that bands have is the fact that they have the same style and the same vocals on every song. In other words, no matter if you want to listen to Pink Floyd or Taylor Swift, the songs played by the band will sound the same, regardless. This is somewhat unsettling, especially for people who enjoy the original version of certain songs. After all, we need to also be honest and face the fact that no matter just how good the band might be, this does not also mean that they can or they should play anything and any artist. There are certain musicians who have left a mark in the music industry and who are impossible to mimic. This is why a band could possibly ruin everyone’s mood instead of improving it!

One other great advantage that DJs have over bands is the fact that they are far more affordable. It is much cheaper to book an experienced DJ for a night than to hire a band.