How to choose the perfect Party wedding location

Now that you’ve decided to tie the knot, you would better get to work and start planning your wedding, because there never seems to be enough time to do all the things you need to do in order to have the perfect ceremony and reception. Instead of going to a wedding planner and spend astronomical amounts of money, you can do these things yourself. You just need to be organized and give yourself enough time in order to make the right decisions.


Before doing anything, you should sit down with your family and with your future in – laws and decide how many people you are going to invite and how many people will show up for the wedding. This is extremely important, as it is the first step in deciding what type of a wedding location you are going to pick. Apart from that, you cannot go hunting for a location without having at least an approximate number for the guests.

The first thing you need to do after you’ve decided on getting married is to pick a location for the ceremony and a location for the reception. We would recommend you hold both the events in the same place, in order to keep thing simple. More than that, having both the ceremony and the reception in the same place will be easier for you and for your guests who are coming from out of town. This way you won’t have to worry that some of them got lost and are late for either the ceremony or the reception.

One of the most popular types of wedding location would be a hotel. They are definitely used to having guests and to hosting large parties, so you know the services will be great. On top of that, you can get great offers if you also need to check in some guests that are coming from out of town.

Now, when it comes to the actual date the wedding will take place, you might want to decide that once you have decided on a location. It would be a shame to fall in love with a certain location only to discover that it will not be available on the date you wish to get married and be forced to give up on it. The best thing to do is to start checking out multiple locations. The preferable thing would be to check out as many places as possible. Before doing that we strongly suggest that you also check them up online and talk to their manager on the phone in order to ask more details.

There are certain things you need to ask when you get to talk to the manager. You need to ask them about decorations, food, drinks, music and cake. You need to know if they are the type of place that only rents you the space, or if they also get involved in other things: if they have their own DJ, if they have a caterer or a chef on speed dial especially for you.