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Parties & Weddings today

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It’s no secret that weddings today are a lot different from the weddings we used to attend a couple of years ago. The wedding industry has changed and newlyweds seem to go above and beyond in order to ensure that their guests will not only have the time of their lives (pun intended), but that they will have a night to remember.


I remember a time when going to a wedding only meant going to a decent ceremony with a great after party. However, things have drastically changed. Being in my mid- twenties gave me the opportunity to attend more weddings than I can count. I surely notice the differences between these weddings and the ones I used to go to as a child.

First of all, when you say you are going to a wedding nowadays, you take it upon yourself to come up with a brand new outfit. God forbid you are seen at two weddings in the same dress, or wearing the same jewelry. That is definitely out of the question! So when you accept a wedding invitation you also have to plan a shopping trip. Of course, you need to be aware of the current trends as far as formal events outfits go.

Now, when it comes to the actual wedding ceremony, things have not strayed that much from the classic “I do”. However, the reception is a whole different thing. People used to go to the reception to eat, dance and have fun with their family and close friends. Now wedding receptions have turned into events that closely resemble TV shows. The restaurant or hotel or whatever other place it is kept in is carefully decorated and it often resembles a fairytale setting.

Wedding cakes don’t simply have a few marzipan roses on them and the bride and groom on top. Wedding cakes have now become works of art. I have been more than once reluctant to eating the cake, just because it looked amazing, as if it was made out of plaster. The good news is that as far as taste goes, things have improved drastically. There are a lot more flavors and options, which are a lot more delicious than the ones I used to have a couple of years ago.

As far as dancing goes, I know couples who actually take dancing classes before their wedding. Believe it or not, there actually are couples that hire professional choreographers to teach them how to dance. Of course, these routines don’t always end well and don’t always look as good as they are supposed to, because we are not all born to be dancers. Nevertheless, they should all be appreciated for the effort.

I actually believe that all newlyweds should be appreciated for their efforts to turn their wedding into a memorable experience for all their guests.