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Picking the music for the first dance

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Now that it’s official and you already have picked out the wedding dress, his suit and all the arrangements for the wedding, you also need to know about the wedding dance. That is the first dance you will have as husband and wife. It is one of the most important moments from one of the most important days in your life.

Picking the music for your first dance is quite the challenge. You first need to decide if you want dancing lessons to go with that dance or if you are just going to wing it and be spontaneous. As far as I am concerned, being spontaneous is underrated. But if you feel like you need to put on a show and take pride in your skills as a dancer, than by all means, go take some dancing lessons and even hire a choreographer to come up with a routine especially for you two.

The downside to hiring a choreographer is that you may not be the only couple he is training and you might end up finding out that your special moment and your special dance was not that special after all. You may even see it at a friend’s wedding and instantly get disappointed.


In order to avoid that from happening, I recommend you sit down with your significant other and come up with a routine yourselves. The internet may come in handy at this point, as you can check out countless videos of other couples and pick the things you like most from each one of them.

As far as picking the song, this is a decision you need to take together. Both of you need to be happy with whatever will play when you first dance together as husband and wife. Most couples have their own song, usually the song they first danced together, but this may not be the perfect choice, as it may turn out to be either too slow or too upbeat.

You need to pick a song that represents the both of you and that best tells your love story. I always recommend a slow, romantic song, because it seems to me to be the perfect start to your new life together. Just make sure to avoid clichés. Try to be as original as possible. Even if the tango scene from “Scent of a woman” seems to be just perfect, you should know that every young couple believes that.

My advice would be to take a day out of a weekend and start listening to music until you come up with the perfect song choice. You will have a great time and you can even get to dancing. The bottom line is that you need to do this together and have fun. This also goes for the wedding day, regardless if you have a routine or not. The most important thing is that you have fun and enjoy the moment. It doesn’t matter if you stumble or trip or if you can’t remember the steps, the most important thing is that you are doing this together.